My Fav Beach Wedding!

The other day I went to a beach wedding at Tweed Heads Australia!

How much fun was that! I never knew weddings were SO awesome, what to speak of getting married at the beach! OMG! It was SO romantic. I had such a crazy fun day! Anyway I met the photographer at the wedding, Shree Vella, and she was just so awesome! Shree showed me a thing or too about her job, I was trying to not get in her way too much as she was really busy, but what she was doing just really peaked my interest. Organizing and posing the couple and people in different ways and getting these awesome shots — it just looked SO fun! I cant believe you can get paid for having that much fun! Anyway I later went to her site and checked out some of the shots I watched her take, and wow! They turned out SO fantastic! I’m totally dreaming of becoming a photographer now, and especially a wedding photographer. Anyway if you are looking for a photographer on the Gold Coast then give Shree a call - she is AWESOME! Here is here video on youtube. Shree Vella photography